Our Mission

"To help derive growth for forward thinking companies combining innovative Marketing, Sales & Service technology and strategies to maximise customer acquisition and retention opportunities"

About Black Dagger

We are a digital marketing agency in Twin Falls, ID. that specializes in Local SEO with a goal to help businesses reach as many potential clients as possible through effective SEO strategies. Companies turn to us, because we make Local SEO simple. We play by Google’s rules, Its the only way. They designed the game and they want you to get so frustrated and confused that you have no other choice than to turn to Adwords!!

If you’re tired of the game, tap us in. We’ll assess your site & your competitors site and then we will take control.

You’ll never waste another dime on Google Adwords and you will never need to give Groupon more then 1/2 your revenue.

In a short amount of time… within 90 days for competitive local markets, and much less for every other businesses, we will skyrocket your site to the top.

We also only work with one company in a niche, for example… if you own a plumbing company and you work with us, you will be the only plumbing company we work with in your city/town. 

Who is Black Dagger SEO Solutions

The leading Digital Marketing Agency with an edge over diversity and strength.

Tying hands with great customer service, greater SEO results, and a winning business strategy, Black Dagger SEO Solutions is one of the leading digital marketing companies in Idaho today.

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